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Chief of Cybersecurity 101

In 2021, I started researching cybersecurity, speaking, and writing marketing techniques. During that period, the final stages of “The Cybersecurity Mindset “ was in progress’ and some form of book marketing was required. After carefully researching, Global Podcast Studios became an option. The host Rich Casanova, gave me a tour, explained how podcasting operated, and said are you ready! One drawback arose – I did not have a name for my podcast. “Cybersecurity Information” was the first thought, but Rich said you need a catchy title. What came to the surface was that I had a web domain name: “Chief of Cybersecurity” – Bingo! That became the name of the podcast channel. The history of “Chief” dates back to my military rank as a Chief Petty Officer. So why not combine rank title and passion as one? Welcome to the “Chief of Cybersecurity®” podcast channel.

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Here is where you learn where business and cybersecurity operate. Topics from government contracting and structuring cybersecurity as a business driver; and compliance requirements are discussed.


Sometimes you may not have all the answers or requirements. This is where our best-practice discussions add value – they are industry-tailored and dissected to address challenges.


The industry is saturated with cybersecurity skill-set gaps and educational requirements. We provide in-depth analysis and skill-development discussions that accelerate academic or professional needs.

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